What Are Rain Shower Heads?

What Are Rain Shower Heads?
A luxurious and stylish rain shower head.

Nothing can beat the refreshing and blissful experience of a soothing shower at the start of an exciting day or at the end of a tiring day. Not only are showers essential when it comes to maintaining bodily hygiene and overall health, but they are also an important way to de-stress the body and mind. Indeed, the shower is a safe space to truly unwind, stretch the body, and get in touch with one’s inner thoughts.

With people being passionate about diversity, innovation, and creativity, it’s no surprise that there are different types of shower heads and shower accessories out there in the market. Yes, people do care about their bathrooms (as "showertok" has clearly shown us)! It’s also true that your shower experience can vary greatly depending on the type of shower head you’re using.

Of late, the internet has repopularised rain shower heads or rainfall showers (in other words, they have become one of those viral TikTok shower heads!). So, what are they? And why are they so interesting? Let’s find out what exactly rain shower heads are, what they do, and why they are a fantastic addition to any bathroom!

Rain Showers — It’s Pouring Comfort

So, what is the point of a rain shower head? In a nutshell, rain shower heads allow one to experience the joy of rain showers. Wait, we’ll explain how.

Rain shower heads are mostly attached to the ceiling of the bathroom, so that the water pours straight down onto the user, mimicking the effect of rain. Often, high-end hotels, luxurious outdoor bathrooms, water parks, and homestays are fitted with such showers. Thus, it’s understandable why rain shower heads are associated with elegance and luxury.

In a regular bathroom setup, the shower head juts out at an angle from one of the side walls. The user then positions themself under the shower and figures out the ideal angle at which the water can hit them. Usually, it is the face that gets drenched first in such showers.

However, with a rain shower head, the user simply has to stand under the bathroom ceiling and let the water soothingly drench their entire body. Sometimes, rain shower heads are attached to the sidewall, but still jut out horizontally and align themselves right under the ceiling, facing the floor. In both cases, the user feels as though they are chilling in the rain thanks to the soothing water flow.

The Benefits of Rain Shower Heads

It’s not hard to see why rain shower heads are an exciting and posh concept. The presence of a rain shower head in a bathroom is an easy way to immediately elevate its ambience. Additionally, a rain shower head has quite a few practical benefits. It’s not all talk and no show!

Rain showers can be relaxing and soothing

Rain showers can be relaxing and soothing.

Easier to Use

For starters, rain shower heads make it easier for the user to shower properly because of their angle and wide reach. You just have to stand under one to get wet, instead of turning round and round as is the case with a regular shower. No need to constantly change positions to make sure that the water reaches everywhere! Thus, such shower heads can especially be useful for people with muscle pain, joint problems, and mobility issues.

Large Size and Even Distribution of Water

Rain shower heads are usually larger than regular shower heads. Combined with the fact that they have an all-encompassing reach, their large size ensures that water is gently and evenly distributed all over the body. No more gasping in surprise as a forceful and concentrated jet of water hits you in the face. Arguably, a rain shower head should be called a waterfall shower head, because that’s what it feels like!

Relaxing and Fun Experience

 Finally, rain shower heads allow the user to move around under the shower without going out of the water’s reach. Thus, such shower heads allow your bathing experience to be fun, relaxing, and unconventional. Plus, for parents, rain showers are a great way to convince young ones to take a playful shower. A rainfall shower head will attract a kid’s eye in a way no regular shower head will. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy showering when it feels like soft and refreshing rain?

By now, you must surely be impressed by how functional and luxurious a rain shower head is. Ceiling mounted rainfall shower heads certainly add some extra oomph to any bathroom space. Moreover, we’re sure your guests will love the five-star feeling that comes with rain showers. Some of the best rain shower heads also work around the usual problem of low water pressure.

With the advancement of social media, people around the world have become acutely aware of the products they bring into their households. Indeed, many are quite conscious of the household fixtures they need. If rain shower heads have piqued your interest, are a good fit for your bathrooms, and fall within your budget, there’s no reason why you can’t go ahead and purchase them. Rain shower heads are easily available both online and at local stores.

So, to sum it up, are rain shower heads good? The answer is yes, mostly. Unfortunately, even rain shower heads are not without their downsides. Let's find out what they are.

The Downsides of Rain Shower Heads

Usually, rain shower heads are installed when the building is being constructed since they are fitted directly into the wall/ceiling. If you wish to replace your existing shower head with a rain shower head, you will have to call a plumber since the process is tricky. Buying a rain shower head and paying a professional to install it might not be feasible, time-wise and money-wise, for a lot of people who wish to do a bathroom makeover.

Additionally, the bathroom needs to be fairly large in order to incorporate a rain shower head. So, if you have a small bathroom — like most people living in urban areas do — installing a rain shower head is probably not a good idea,

Moreover, rain shower heads aren't good for families with babies or pets (i.e, if they are being washed inside the shower room). Since a rain shower isn't adjustable, the experience of showering will become unpleasant and even dangerous for your baby or pet.

Plus, you won't be able to clean your little one or furry friend properly because you won't be able to control the flow of water or stop it easily whenever you want to. If you want to know what type of shower head is best for your pet, we have an article that will help you.

Thus, unfortunately, rain shower heads are not a good option for those who are looking to easily transform their bathroom on their own or have babies and pets!

So what do you do if you want the luxury of a rain shower but can't actually get a rain shower head? We have a fantastic solution for you.

Attain Luxury and Enjoy Rain Showers with StoneStream

The good news is that there are other kinds of shower heads that are just as fantastic, functional, and luxurious as rain shower heads. StoneStream is proud to say that it produces some of the highest quality shower fixtures and shower accessories that are eco-friendly, cost-effective, easy to install, and extremely stylish.

Our well-loved EcoPower shower heads have three settings to suit your needs — rainfall, jetting, and massage. The rainfall setting will give you the feel of a rain shower but in a handheld or wall-mounted setup. The massage setting will give you the spa-like sensation rain showers are known for! Finally, the jetting setting will allow you to enjoy a targeted stream of water that feels soothing and relaxing.

Now, if you want to elevate your bathroom's appearance along with your showering experience, go for the Matte Black shower head; it even has the option of a Vitamin C filter that provides the benefits of aromatherapy.

You can easily install our shower head on your own, without the help of a plumber. Size doesn't matter here — StoneStream shower heads work beautifully in bathrooms of all sizes! Plus, our shower heads are compatible with the international standard connection (2 cm connector) which is used in almost 95% of showers in the world.

StoneStream EcoPower Matte Black Shower Head with Rainfall, Jetting, and Massage Settings

StoneStream EcoPower Matte Black Shower Head with Rainfall, Jetting, and Massage Settings.

So, if you were looking forward to experiencing a rain shower without the hassle of an actual rain shower head, StoneStream is the solution!

Thanks to our clean and green products, you’ll look forward to your daily shower without a guilty conscience. Truly, your search for the best water-saving shower heads and high-pressure shower heads online ends here.

As a reputed brand dedicated to innovation, StoneStream has it all — from shower heads that filter out water impurities to shower heads that increase the flow of water and reduce wastage. We also have high-quality shower accessories, such as shower replacement filters, non-slip shower mats, and hard water filters.

Check out some of our products today and make a shift that will benefit not just you but also the planet.

StoneStream EcoPower ShowerHead

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