How to Decorate An Outdoor Bathroom Setup

How to Decorate An Outdoor Bathroom Setup
If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor bathroom, make sure to decorate it properly!

An outdoor bathroom is a fantastic addition to any naturally decorated property. Your guests can use this outer bathroom after a dip in the pool, kids can use it to freshen themselves up after playing in the yard, and you can use it to wash up after working in the garden.

Plus, it can be relaxing to use an outdoor bathroom whilst taking in the beauty of the surrounding greenery.

Picture this — an outdoor setup, beautiful tropical trees, white picket fences, and the luxury of a clean and comfortable glass bathroom. Looks good, doesn’t it?

So, were you looking for outdoor bathroom ideas? Have you been thinking: How do you make a cosy bathroom? If you have a large outdoor bathroom and are interested in décor for the same, this is the article for you!

We are going to discuss certain well-known approaches that will enable you to have the most efficient and elegant outdoor bathroom setup.

The Rustic Approach

The aim here is to keep the setup simple, rustic, and classic. For a rustic bathroom, you need to consider your house’s natural backdrop to get the best results.

With the rustic approach, you can play around with earthy tones

Proper coordination (in terms of colour, texture, and material) between your bathroom fixtures and the house’s natural surroundings is highly important. Earthy colours are preferred. You can go for luxury bathroom accessories that match the visual language of your bathroom.

For example, you can set up a solid white bathtub with wooden flooring. To complement this setup, add a transparent, white, or brown shower head to the wall. Make sure your shower accessories match the chosen shower head. Then, surround the bathing area with some wooden candle stands or indoor plants that complement the colours of the plants in your garden.

The colours and materials used in the bathroom can either match the stonework or tilework in your garden or yard or comprise primarily of earthy, white, and wooden tones. Add warm yellow lights to the ceiling and choose a mirror with a wooden or white frame. You can also add some rustic but practical décor, such as a wicker basket full of soft, fluffy towels.

And there you go — you now have an elegant retreat with great indoor and outdoor views for a beautiful day!

The Modern Approach

The primary goal here is to give your guests a private space that’s easy on the eyes and will allow them to cool down after a summer gathering or refreshing pool party.

With the modern approach, you can try out luxurious minimalism

With the modern approach, you can try out luxurious minimalism.

So, for a modern bathroom, consider all recent decoration trends (yes, it’s time to deep-dive into Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest!) that can be used to create a stylish outdoor bathroom. You’ll notice that most modern trends lean towards minimalism.

Create the bathroom setup in such a way that it matches anyone and everyone’s taste. The easiest way to do this is by choosing either grey or white tiled walls. Then, go for grey or white faucets, bath sinks, and shower accessories. Shiny glass shower doors are also a part of the modern approach.

You can play around with a monochrome palette to your heart’s content and add a pop of colour here and there.

Put up small plants strategically across the bathroom, add some grey or white pebbles around the bathtub, attach a round, white-rimmed mirror to the wall, incorporate some warm lights, make use of some fresh and mild scents and voila! Find yourself admiring the perfect outdoor bathroom.

The DIY Approach

The DIY approach is probably, and understandably, the most customisable approach on this list.This approach does not depend on any singular trend, so, there are no restrictions or boundaries! Do whatever you want to your outdoor bathroom — you can turn it into an observable example of your personal taste. You will be able to get all the primary materials from a local store, thrift shop, or online website.

With the DIY approach, you can use your creative and repurposing skills
With the DIY approach, you can use your creative and repurposing skills.

Additionally, the DIY approach to outdoor bathroom décor allows a lot of old but sturdy materials lying around the house to be reused in interesting ways.

For example, you can build the walls of your bathroom setup using wooden planks. Have an old but strong curtain rod lying around? You can turn it into a towel rod. By doing so, you are repurposing things that would have otherwise eroded due to neglect.

Need more ideas? Ropes, old mirrors, and leftover tiles can be turned into some eye-catching décor for the bathroom (think macramé and wall art!). You can also put up your paintings or artwork!

Getting the Essential Items

Of course, to transform your outdoor bathroom into an elegant space you will need a bunch of materials.

Going to your nearby thrift shop is a good idea — you never know when you’ll find a vintage mirror that goes with the rustic approach or a cute plant pot that complements the monochrome colours of the modern approach.

However, there are certain items that you won’t find in any local store. But fear not — the E-commerce industry has come to your rescue!

There are numerous websites that you can use to find cost-effective and high-quality materials for your outdoor bathroom. Additionally, you can also use the tips and materials we mentioned to decorate an indoor bathroom.

Keep in mind that investing in high-quality, durable, and efficient bathroom fixtures is more important than getting beautiful décor items! Sure, your rustic bathroom can have the most gorgeous ceiling lights, but what if your shower head is dribbling, rusted, and wobbly?

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