Wall + Hard Water Filter Installation Kit -Chrome

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Key Benefits
  • Enjoy health and wellness enhancements with a hard water filter that eliminates impurities for skin and hair.
  • Champion sustainability with a durable chrome finish that reduces plastic waste and enhances the lifespan of the product.
  • Boost skin's health and shine through balanced pH water released by the advanced filtering process.
  • Simplify your bathroom decor with a built-in filter that negates the need for external attachments.
  • Upgrade with ease using a tool-less installation kit to turn your bathroom into a modern, efficient space swiftly.

Color: Silver
Finish: Chrome
Connection type: 1/2" (universal)
Length: 5ft / 1.5m
Weight: 0.418 lbs / 0.19 kg


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Wall + Hard Water Filter Installation Kit -Chrome

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