What Is A Navy Shower?

What Is A Navy Shower?

Everybody is aware that water is a precious, finite natural resource that is currently diminishing at a frightening rate.

Humankind's exploits have resulted in the depletion and polluting of fresh water bodies, gravely harming animal and plant life. It's also a sad but true fact that a lot of people around the world do not have access to clean water.

Concerned citizens across the world β€” including you, hopefully! β€” might thus be wondering what they can do to save water on a daily basis. If everybody does their bit, change for the betterment of the planet is certainly possible.

Thus, you can start off by monitoring and reducing your water usage at home β€” when you shower, do the dishes, wash clothes, or clean your car.

Now that we have touched upon the topic of saving water in the shower, let's talk about a shower technique with an interesting historical origin that is intrinsically eco-friendly.

Have you ever heard of a Navy Shower? If you haven't, let us enlighten you!

In this article, we'll explain what a navy shower is and why you should consider embracing it as a part of your everyday life.

What Is A Navy Shower?

A navy shower is a very short shower where you 1) turn the water on to quickly wet yourself, 2) turn it off to soap up, and then 3) turn it back on to rinse off.

That's it β€” three easy steps and a whole lot of water saved!

Navy showers originated on naval ships, where there is a constant scarcity of fresh water. Crew members thus had to come up with a smart showering technique to stay clean but also save water and time. A navy shower takes only two minutes!

Due to its origin, a navy shower is also known as a sea shower, submarine shower, G.I. bath, staggered shower, or military shower.

The Benefits of A Navy Shower

According to research, a regular ten-minute shower can use as much as 60 gallons or 227 litres of water. On average, however, a regular American takes almost eight minutes to shower and uses around 16 gallons or 60 litres of water.

On the other hand, an average person in the UK takes around ten minutes to shower and uses approximately 150 litres or 40 gallons of water. That's a lot!

Meanwhile, a navy shower only uses around 3 gallons or 11 litres of water. That's a massive difference in water usage; clearly, a navy shower can significantly reduce your water consumption and drive down your water bill.

Additionally, a navy shower will also reduce your power bill, because you won't be using too much hot water. Taking a shorter shower saves energy in general as well, because less power is being used to transport and heat up the water.

Aside from conserving water, there are other benefits of navy showers. For one, they are easy and quick β€” perfect for when you are in a hurry or do not have time for a long shower.

Additionally, navy showers are great for when you are sharing a bathroom with roommates because then nobody ends up spending too long in the shower.

They are also ideal for places that have a limited water supply and for when you are travelling or are on the road.

How to Take A Navy Shower

Navy showers are pretty straightforward, but we'll explain the process again to you.

1. First, wet your body and hair quickly with the water. This is how you'll spend your initial thirty seconds.

Drench yourself

Drench yourself.

2. Then, turn the water off completely and lather up using your soap and shampoo. This should take you another thirty seconds.

Lather yourself

Lather yourself.

3. Once you are done soaping up, turn the water back on and rinse off quickly. This is when you finish removing the suds from your body and washing your hair. This shouldn't take more than sixty seconds.

Rinse yourself

Rinse yourself.

It is that simple!

Quick Shower, Less Power, Less Water

To sum it up, a navy shower prevents the loss of running water and energy. Meanwhile, a long, luxurious shower, colloquially known as a 'Hollywood shower,' uses a massive amount of water and energy. Keeping water conservation in mind, you know which type of shower you should go with!

Of course, if you enjoy the peace and privacy that you get to experience in the shower, you can take longer showers β€” but those that don't use much water. Simply extend the time you spend on step two of the navy shower (which doesn't require the use of water). Listen to music, massage your limbs, and relax β€” the shower doesn't have to be running for these activities!

Save Water, Money, Time, and Energy with StoneStream

A navy shower or a short shower will definitely help you to save water. However, there is another efficient way to conserve water in the shower β€” getting a shower head that does the water saving for you.

StoneStream EcoPower reduces your water consumption by up to 35%

StoneStream EcoPower reduces your water consumption by up to 35%.

StoneStream manufactures high-quality shower heads that reduce your water consumption by up to 35%. But you know what the best part is? Our shower heads actually increase the water flow velocity by 200% (when compared to traditional shower heads) whilst saving water at the same time.

That's right, with StoneStream, you'll get to experience what feels like increased water pressure even though a lesser amount of water than usual is being used. How does this work? We'll explain.

After intense research and development, we figured out that an anodized aluminum plate with 250 laser-cut spray holes is perfect for a shower head that can increase the water flow velocity. Basically, our shower heads push the running water out through very small holes, so the stream comes out faster. The water pressure remains the same in the plumbing system, but the water flow velocity out of your shower head is increased!

So, combine a navy shower or a quick shower with a StoneStream shower head and you'll be able to save thousands of gallons β€” just on your own! β€” in a year. In fact, switching over to a StoneStream EcoPower shower head can help you save around 45,000 litres (almost 12,000 gallons) every year. Every drop of water counts.

Of course, we understand that sometimes quick showers aren't possible β€” especially when pets and kids are involved. This is when StoneStream shower heads are particularly beneficial because they use a less amount of water compared to regular shower heads. Plus, they are gentle and soothing on the skin and come with three settings β€” rainfall, jetting, and massage.

Do always remember to turn off the water whilst lathering up, shampooing, shaving, scrubbing, or scrolling through your phone. Even if you can't stick to the navy shower method, try to keep your shower time under five minutes.

If you want to switch over to StoneStream's eco-friendly shower heads that prevent water waste, head over to our website! We also have some of the best shower accessories on the market, such as replacement filters, squeegees, non-slip shower mats, and shower hoses.

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