Regular Shower Heads vs. StoneStream Shower Heads

Regular Shower Heads vs. StoneStream Shower Heads

Showerheads, Showerheads, Showerheads! What a simple piece of equipment designed to give you a different form to your bathing routine. Nowadays, no single bathroom exists without a showerhead. I mean, who doesn’t want some hot (or cold) water just streaming from above throughout your body and giving you that soothing sensation? Not me of course. But what’s fun in having a boring, regular showerhead in your bathroom when you can elevate things to the next level?

So, which showerhead is the best? Well, then it’s time we introduce you to the range of showerheads by Stonestream. For all you showerhead fanatics out there, be indulged with the all-new, eco-friendly, water-saving, and innovative EcoPower and TurboFan showerheads by StoneStream. Each of these showerheads boasts various exciting features such as 2x water flow velocity, 35% reduced water consumption, 3 spray settings, a STOP button, and much more for you to hoard about. Well, sit back and relax, as we go compare a regular showerhead with a StoneStream showerhead and how the latter is the best one so far!

Quality of the showerhead


Before getting into the features of a Stonestream showerhead, let’s talk about a regular or “traditional” showerhead. Other than the fact that it dispenses water, there is nothing special about a normal showerhead. In fact, a normal showerhead leaks most of the time and doesn’t even function properly. Looking for a drippy, messy showerhead with no fun whatsoever? Say hi to the regular showerhead!


Now let’s talk about the real star of the show! The Stonestream showerhead is made from high-quality, high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer and has an anodized aluminum shower plate. It also has 250 laser cut spray holes which force out water with high pressure, thereby providing up to 2x the water flow velocity when compared with a regular showerhead. Also, since less water is forced through these tiny holes, you can reduce your water consumption by up to 35%. Stonestream’s showerheads come with a variety of customizable options for you to choose from, such as having one with or without a STOP button (click here to know the importance of a showerhead with a STOP button), mineral bead filtration or polypropylene mesh filtration, and a durable slider which can be used to switch between 3 different shower modes. Talk about value for money!

Water filtering and conservation


Let’s discuss the main thing around which all these showerheads revolve- water filtering and conservation. Saving water is important to avoid damaging the environment and to save costs. Also, the water needs to be filtered from impurities before touching the skin to avoid any discomfort. Regular showerheads, in this case, are a big no-no! Regular showerheads usually do not come with any built-in filtration system and are prone to drippage and leaking. They also use more water than intended, resulting in more water wastage and more utility bills!

products combo

The EcoPower showerhead by stonestream has an answer for this! StoneStream provides the user with an option to choose from different filtration systems, from using a mix of germanium stones to a polypropylene mesh filter or a Vitamin C filter. All these filtration systems filter out chlorine, bacteria, and dirt, leaving you with a delicate finish to your skin and hair after a heartwarming shower. Not only that, Stonestream has also been proven to save water up to 35%, massively cutting down on water and utility bills. For the average household of four, using a StoneStream showerhead can save up to 45,990 liters or 12150 gallons of water in a year and £227 on your yearly water bill. Stonestream achieves this by pushing less water through the tiny spray holes with high velocity, causing it to have approximately 212% increased water flow velocity as well! A water-saving showerhead indeed!

StoneStream also produces a Universal shower hard water filter, that has a 15-stage filtration process that can be used with any showerhead to remove further impurities!

Chrome Hard Water shower filter Add-on

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Additional features and settings


The StoneStream EcoPower showerhead is multifunctional and has 3 spray settings - jetting, rainfall, and massage - to give you that ultimate shower experience based on your mood. The EcoPower also comes with a STOP button to control the flow of water as you please and maintain the temperature without having to turn off the valves. Users also have the option to choose one without a STOP button for electric showers. The EcoPower also comes with a single spray setting for users not wanting one.

StoneStream’s showerheads also come in handheld and wall-mounted variants based on the user’s preference. For those of you who want to freely move your showerhead during your shower times, the handheld variant is your go-to choice. For those who want a fixed position to shower themselves, the wall-mounted variant is right there for you. For those of you who want to have both, well, Stonestream offers the dual-head shower combo as well. Talk about options! 

Pricing of the showerhead


 Last not but not least, the moment you’ve been waiting for, I suppose. It all comes down to the pricing of the showerhead. While a regular showerhead goes for around £ 20 - £ 25, the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream comes to around……..Guess what….Just £ 19.99! With all these features and innovation, Stonestream is surely a bang for your buck!

Winner: StoneStream Showerhead

Black matt showerhead

Well, this should go without saying! Based on all the facts discussed above, it is quite obvious that Stonestream showerheads really provide the best value for your money! All the features, starting from the mineral beads filtration to its water-saving function to its flexible use, are reasons for you to start switching from a normal showerhead to a Stonestream showerhead. Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and order the EcoPower showerhead by stonestream to elevate your bathroom to the next level!

Black Ecopower Shower Head

Black Ecopower Shower Head

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The EcoPower showerhead by StoneStream

EcoPower showerhead with water filter

With so many showerheads on the market, it can be quite frustrating to choose the right one. Well, no worries, we got you! Introducing the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream, innovatively designed to give you the perfect shower of your likes. The showerhead comes with a mineral filtration system - a combination of 3 germanium stones - to filter water from impurities such as chlorine, bacteria, and dirt. It also has a slider to switch between 3 different spray modes and a STOP button to stop and maintain the flow of water and temperature. The 250 laser-cut holes force water with high velocity, thereby providing a low-flow showerhead with high water flow velocity!

Here are all of the features of the EcoPower showerhead summarized:

  • 200% increase in water flow velocity
  • 35% reduction in water consumption
  • Has mineral stones that filter water and remove impurities such as chlorine, dirt, sand, bacteria, and limescale
  • Mineral stones soften water and make it suitable for the skin and hair
  • Has 3 spray settings - rainfall, jetting, and massage
  • Has an Eco Stop button to pause water flow and maintain the water temperature
  • Easy to install and universally compatible
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Handheld Showerhead 1.5m shower Hose -Chrome

Handheld Showerhead shower Hose

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Pair your EcoPower showerhead with other Stonestream products such as shower hoses and non-slip mats to transform your bathroom into a clean, eco-friendly shower haven! Check out all stonestream products right here and happy showering!

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