How To Keep Bath Towels Soft

How To Keep Bath Towels Soft

It's easy to overlook the importance of towels. We use them every day, but often don't think much about how to care for them properly. When it comes to bathrooms, which already tend to be neglected spaces, people focus more on bathroom accessories, such as shower heads, faucets, and sinks. However, the smaller elements in your bathroom matter too — such as your bath towels!

You might notice after your warm, relaxing shower that your towels are stiff and scratchy. That certainly takes away from the fantastic showering experience you just had. "Why are my towels so hard after washing?" you might wonder. Well, a number of reasons — from a buildup of soapy residue to overdrying — make your towel become hard and stiff over time.

"How do I keep towels soft?" you wonder next. After all, not only are towels important in terms of practicality but they are also an essential part of bathroom decor

So, if you've been googling "what's the best way to soften towels?", here are your solutions. Let's look at five tips for keeping your bath towels soft:

1. Avoid using fabric softeners

 Bath towels are an essential part of any bathroom, and they can play a big role in how comfortable and relaxing your bath time is. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that using fabric softeners on their towels can actually make them less absorbent and soft.

 Fabric softeners work by coating the towel fibres with a thin layer of wax or oil. This may make the towel feel softer, but it also makes it less effective at absorbing water. In addition, the wax or oil can build up over time, making the towel even less absorbent.

 If you want to keep your bath towels soft and fluffy, avoid using fabric softeners. Instead, opt for a mild detergent and hang your towels to dry in a sunny spot. With proper care, your bath towels will stay soft and absorbent for years to come. 

2. Use white vinegar

Bath towels can quickly become stiff and scratchy if they're not properly cared for. One way to keep your towels soft and fluffy is to add a cup of distilled white vinegar to your washing machine's rinse cycle.

The vinegar helps to break down the build-up of detergent and fabric softener, allowing the towel fibres to relax and retain their original softness.

In addition, vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so it can help to keep your towels bacteria-free. And don't worry about the pungent smell, it will evaporate very quickly.

For best results, use distilled vinegar and run your towels through an extra rinse cycle with half a cup of it. With this simple tip, you can keep your bath towels soft and fresh!

3. Hang towels to dry

Many people believe that the best way to dry towels is to throw them in the dryer. However, this can actually damage the fibres and reduce absorbency.

A better option is to hang towels to dry. This allows them to retain their shape and absorbency, which then contributes to them staying softer for a long time. Furthermore, it prevents them from getting tangled up with other clothes in the dryer.

Additionally, when towels are hung to dry, they retain their shape and absorbency much better than when they are thrown in a hamper, hung haphazardly on the shower head, or left on the floor (you'd be surprised by how many people do this!). Furthermore, hanging towels helps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew, which can both cause them to deteriorate and develop unpleasant smells more quickly.

So next time you reach for a towel, take a few extra seconds to hang it up properly.

4. Don't overuse detergent and avoid hot water

You use your towel every day, so it's important to make sure it stays clean. However, you also don't want to damage your towel by using too much detergent or hot water. Your machine will wash the towel better if it has less detergent to deal with!

When washing your towel, use a small amount of mild detergent and lukewarm water. Avoid using bleach, as this can break down the fibres and cause the towel to fall apart. If you need to remove a stain, pretreat it with a stain remover before washing.

Be sure to wash your towel regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria. However, remember that you don't need a ton of detergent and scalding hot water to do so. You really don't need to go overboard with cleaning materials in order to get soft towels.

5. Use baking soda

When you wash your towels with baking soda (i.e. add half a cup of it with a little bit of mild detergent to the washing machine), it helps to break down the oils and dirt that can build up over time on the towels' fibres. Baking soda will leave your previously stiff towels feeling softer and fresher than ever before.

Plus, baking soda is a natural fabric softener, so it's gentle on your towels and won't damage them like some chemical softeners can. Additionally, baking soda will also get rid of the unpleasant and wet smells that often get trapped in towels.

So if your towels are looking a little worse for wear, don't despair - just reach for the baking soda!


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