How to Conserve Water in the Shower: 5 Practical Tips and Tricks

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How to Conserve Water in the Shower: 5 Practical Tips and Tricks

Imagine this. You are back from your work or your regular do-about and hop into the shower for some warm sensation. You turn on your shower, get into a sense of bliss with the touch of warm water (or cold water if that’s your preference!), maybe whistle or hum to a few songs, and just go with the usual soothing flow. But then, a thought hits your mind. How much water have I been wasting just for a single shower? You probably have or haven’t thought about it, but it sure is a dangling question and issue that has been around since the shower ages. With the rising trends of shower routines and shower sensations, the amount of water that is being put to waste is dramatically increasing. Well fear not! We're here to help you strike a balance between your love for lengthy showers and the urgent need to conserve water. Don't worry, we won't rain on your parade – just sprinkle a few drops of wisdom to make your showers eco-friendlier. Let's dive (but not too deep) into 5 practical tips on how to conserve water in the shower!

Keep it short and simple

Well, just like the saying “A little goes a long way”, keep your shower routines short and simple. You know that feeling when the water's so good that time just slips away? Well, consider that time's up! Almost everyone wishes to have that shower sensation last indefinitely, but remember that conserving water is one’s responsibility. Just like the STOP button in an EcoPower showerhead (check it out here!), add a STOP button to your shower routines to save water in your shower and simplify your shower routines.

If you are looking for a water-saving showerhead to conserve water as well as satisfy your inner shower desires, then the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream is the right fit for you. With a built-in stop button, a high water flow velocity, and 35% reduced water consumption, this sure is the showerhead of your dreams. Check out this article which shows the benefits of a showerhead with a stop button!

Use a Timer



If you've ever wished for an audience during your shower performances, here's your chance – sort of. Get yourself a waterproof timer and place it somewhere you can't ignore. This ingenious gadget will keep you on track and ensure that your water-saving efforts hit all the right notes. Using a timer will ensure that you do not take more time than you need for your shower routines and gives you a clear idea of how long should a shower be! 

Turn off the tap

Running water tap

Ah, the soothing ritual of lathering up with your favorite shower products – it's a moment of self-care and relaxation. But while you’re busy shampooing and lathering up, the precious water is tap dancing into the drain. A simple trick? Turn off the tap. It’s just like hitting the pause button on your favorite show - the plot will wait for you!

But there is still water dripping from my showerhead even when it’s off? Here's where the Stonestream shower head steps onto the stage, transforming your shower routine into a water-wise act. Let's break it down: Traditional showerheads cannot often maintain a consistent water flow when the tap is turned off temporarily. This means that while you're luxuriating in the lather, precious water is carelessly dripping down the drain. But with the Stonestream showerhead, it's a different story altogether. The STOP button paired with its water-tight design will make sure that every drip is saved!

The Navy shower technique

Navy shower

Ever heard of the Navy shower technique? It's a water-saving method that has been used by sailors for years, and it's surprisingly effective. Here's how it works: Turn on the shower to wet yourself, then turn off the water while you lather up with soap or shampoo. Finally, turn the water back on to rinse off.

Now, imagine pairing the Navy shower technique with the efficiency of the EcoPower showerhead. This innovative showerhead ensures a steady and consistent water flow even at lower pressures. So, when you turn off the tap to lather up, the EcoPower showerhead maintains a gentle stream that's perfect for rinsing. No more struggling with inconsistent water flow – the EcoPower showerhead has got you covered.

To know more about the navy shower technique, check out this article!

Use Low-Flow showerheads

low flow showerhead

Last, but not the least, use a low-flow showerhead for your daily shower experiences. Low-flow showerheads use less water to give you the same shower experience as a normal one. Looking for a low-flow showerhead that saves water? Welcome the EcoPower showerhead! The EcoPower showerhead has 250 laser-cut spray holes which force water with high velocity, giving you an active shower experience while using less water than intended! Talk about getting two birds with one stone!

In a world striving for sustainability, every drop counts – and with the Stonestream water-saving showerhead, those drops become even more precious. By adopting these practical tips and tricks, your shower time transforms into a meaningful act of conservation. So, as you step into your water-saving haven, remember that you're not just cleansing your body, but also nurturing the environment. With an eco-friendly and mindful approach, you can enjoy guilt-free showers while making a positive impact. Shower time is now a refreshing journey that benefits both you and the planet.

Save more with the EcoPower ShowerHead!

EcoPower ShowerHead

Let’s talk about the hero of this topic, the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream. Wondering which showerhead is the best to conserve water? Well, the EcoPower showerhead is the answer! The EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream is designed in such a way that it reduces your overall water consumption, while not compromising on that ecstatic shower experience you deserve! The showerhead also comes with numerous other features such as:

  • Comes with a STOP button that stops water flow and saves water while you get occupied with your other tasks in your shower routine.
  • Has 3 spray settings that provide flexibility in your shower routines, based on your mood.
  • The 250 laser-cut spray holes force minimal water with such high pressure, thereby saving up to 35% of water usage while also giving out 2 times the water flow. Talk about a win!

    EcoPower Shower Head

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Apart from this, there are numerous other benefits of using an EcoPower showerhead, and guess what, it is more affordable than all other showerheads in the market, going for only £19.99. 

So what are you waiting for? Get a StoneStream showerhead now and elevate your showering experiences from today! Happy showering!

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Where do the washers go
Where do the washers go

I have no idea where to find out where to put all the washers you provided with the shower stream kit I purchased from you I’ve seen many videos to install it but NEVER one of where to install the washers it comes with please help

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