Do All Water Saving Shower Heads Have Low Pressure?

Do All Water Saving Shower Heads Have Low Pressure?

Have you tried a water saving shower head?

Picture this: you turn on the shower, eagerly anticipating a soothing whoosh of water to wash away the day's stress. But wait, is that a gentle drizzle or a determined leak posing as a shower? Congratulations, you've just encountered the elusive water saving shower head – the conservation superhero that leaves you questioning if you accidentally signed up for a rain dance lesson. It's like trying to hydrate a wilting plant with an eyedropper; yes, water is involved, but satisfaction? Not so much. This leaves one wondering: Do water saving shower heads really have low pressure? Are water saving shower heads worth it? Are ALL water saving shower heads the same? Will I be able to enjoy the lasting comforts of a spritzing shower anytime soon? 

In this blog, we will explore facts, myths, and insights about water saving shower heads to help you make the right decision for your shower, wallet, and planet.


The concept of water saving shower heads began when the world (and particularly, governing bodies) became increasingly conscious of water scarcity and the importance of saving water – particularly at home and in the shower. Thus, innovations in water saving technologies were greeted with enthusiasm.

Originally, water saving shower heads were designed to limit the flow of water while trying to maintain a satisfying shower experience. Most of these water saving shower heads either reduced the amount of water that flowed through them (decreasing the pressure) or mixed air with the water (to create an aerated spray that uses less water). However, many noticed that these shower heads led to a poor showering experience, and some even noted that they ended up spending more time in the shower cleaning up – due to the low pressure!

Water saving shower heads are important, there's no denying that, but do they always have to ruin your shower experience with low pressure? Let's find out.


A traditional or regular shower head.

To understand why people get double-minded about water saving shower heads, it's important to look at how they are different from traditional shower heads. So, let us look into the science of water flow. Traditional shower heads are designed to allow a higher flow of water to pass through, giving us that blissful pressure many of us crave. However, traditional shower heads are also associated with water wastage due to the amount of water being wasted due to increased water flow, leading to increased water bills and wastage.

However, water saving shower heads regulate the flow of water through the use of various mechanisms such as aerators, pressure chambers, smaller nozzles, etc. These devices ensure that excess water does not flow through the holes, thus eliminating water wastage. But, this can, in many cases, lead to reduced water pressure, leaving us with drying hopes of powerful and soothing showers.

Check out this article which highlights the importance of water saving shower heads.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Are all water saving shower heads equivalent to low-pressure shower heads? The answer lies in the balance between saving and comfort. While it’s true that some water saving shower heads do not provide the adequate level of pressure for that perfect shower, advancements in technology have led to innovations that have made shower heads that save water and energy become a pioneer in both conservation and comfort.

So yes, there is a hero among the rest to save you from this shower dilemma. Meet the EcoPower Shower Head by StoneStream, designed to give you the best shower experience without any loss of satisfaction. With 250 laser-cut spray holes and 3 different modes for flexible showers, this shower head will truly give you the shower of your dreams while not letting an ounce of water go to waste. Plus, it also saves on heating costs!

 The 250 laser-cut spray holes push out very little water at very high speed, and the STOP button prevents water waste and maintains water temperature.

In the case of StoneStream shower heads (from EcoPower to Turbo Fan to Matte Black), each shower head is designed in such a way that the user experiences maximum satisfaction without compromising on water wastage. The laser-cut spray holes ensure that water is forced into these tiny holes with high velocity so that you end up using less water while also having 200% better pressure, beyond what is expected even from traditional shower heads. This ensures that you get a high water flow velocity or “water pressure” that is soothing and refreshing to the skin. So not only does the StoneStream EcoPower outperform water saving shower heads in terms of conservation, but it also outperforms regular shower heads when it comes to water pressure!

Here’s an article that elaborates on the “water pressure” of shower heads.


Before we label all water saving shower heads as pressure villains, it's important to consider a few variables. Water pressure at your home, the design of the shower head, and even your personal preferences can impact the shower experience. Some water saving models are better at maintaining pressure, while others might indeed lean towards the gentler side. The various factors that affect water pressure are:

  • Home Water Pressure: The water pressure supplied to your home can significantly impact how a regular water saving shower head performs. If your water pressure is already on the lower side, opting for a shower head designed to maintain pressure might be your best bet. On the other hand, if your home boasts some heavy water pressure, you might have more flexibility in choosing a regular
    water saving model.

  • Shower Head Design: Not all water saving shower heads are created equal in terms of design and technology. Some models, such as the StoneStream EcoPower Shower Head, incorporate advanced nozzle designs that create a more focused spray, enhancing the perception of pressure even with reduced water flow.

  • Personal Preferences: Your own shower preferences come into play as well. Some individuals prefer a gentle, rainfall-like shower experience, which might align well with the lower flow of water saving shower heads. Others relish the sensation of high-pressure showers. Knowing your preferences will help you find a model that aligns with your comfort zone. Shower heads such as the Turbo Fan or EcoPower by Stonestream come with 3 different spray options, each with its own style, for a flexible shower experience!

  • Flow Rate: Water saving shower heads are typically designed to have a lower flow rate compared to conventional ones. While this reduction is intentional for conservation, not all low-flow shower heads have equal pressure performance. Some models strike a balance by using technologies like air injection, which mixes air with water to maintain a satisfying pressure sensation.

  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate within the shower head, potentially affecting water flow and pressure. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your shower head can play a role in ensuring consistent performance.


Switch to StoneStream for a better, more eco-friendly shower experience.

Well, here’s some good news for y’all! If you are looking for a water saving shower head that doesn’t compromise on comfort and conservation, explore options that boast innovative designs that achieve both efficiency and satisfaction. Luckily for you, the StoneStream EcoPower shower head (you can even choose the Turbo Fan and Matte Black variants!) is the perfect choice for this conundrum. It has a 200% increased water flow velocity, while also reducing water consumption by up to 35%, achieving both efficiency and satisfying shower routines. Apart from this, the shower head also boasts numerous features such as:

· Replaceable mineral stones that filter and soften water and can be replaced every six months

· Easy installation

· Suitable for all standard shower units

· An eco-friendly STOP button that maintains temperature (you won’t have to switch the taps off to stop the water flow, so the heater won’t have to heat the water up again!)

· 3 spray settings – rainfall, jetting, and massage – that provide a spa-like experience

Check out all StoneStream shower accessories and experience a shower routine you wish you had before! Happy showering!

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