Benefits of A Shower Head that Filters Water

Benefits of A Shower Head that Filters Water
StoneStream shower head with mineral stones that filter water.

You wake up early, ready to take on the challenges of the day. You step into the shower and the water that hits your body smells slightly pungent, like chlorine and other chemicals. You sigh and accept your fate. Later, you deal with skin that is dry and itchy and hair that falls and is limp. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it?

The water that many of us receive in our homes is treated for human use and thus contains a number of chemicals. Whilst this water is not exactly harmful to our health, it can have a negative impact on skin and hair, leading to allergies and other serious issues.

A lot of people simply resign themselves to the fact that their shower water is not suiting them. This is mostly because there's a misconception that a lot of money has to be spent to install fancy gadgets (such as a home water filtration system) that can purify running water. The actual solution here is simple and affordable — get shower filters!

Traditional shower heads do not come with filters and simply allow the water to flow out of the spray holes. However, filtered shower heads remove contaminants from the water before it comes out of the spray holes — this ensures that only clean and healthy water makes contact with you.

But do shower head filters really work? Yes, a good quality shower head filter will efficiently get rid of the many impurities in water that are bad for you.

Installing a shower head that filters water is your best bet if you wish to easily combat treated, chlorinated, and/or mildly dirty water. Filtered water will do wonders for your skin, hair, and bathroom environment and has the potential to elevate your overall showering experience.

In this article, we will explore and explain the necessity and advantages of having a shower water filter.

Why You Need a Shower Head Filter

Water that is supplied to homes usually contains a number of components such as chlorine, dirt, limescale, bacteria, and even heavy metals. Depending on your geographical location and the condition of the pipes that bring you water, one or more of these components might be in higher concentration than the others, resulting in running water that smells iffy and doesn't feel gentle on your skin.

Some areas also receive hard water, which contains a high concentration of salts of calcium and magnesium. Although treated and/or hard water won't make you sick, they are definitely not ideal for your showers. Plus, they might smell and feel a bit weird too, and nobody's a fan of that!

Impact on Your Skin and Hair

Treated water can be a problem because it can wreak havoc on your skin and hair over time. It can strip your skin and hair of natural oils, leading to dry skin and damaged hair. It can also prevent your soap and shampoo from working like they are supposed to (especially if you get hard water, which has a high level of salts of calcium and magnesium).

Treated and hard water can often cause skin dryness.

Plus, if you have sensitive skin, you might be more prone to the skin irritation that such water brings about. Babies, kids, and pets will also be more susceptible to skin and hair damage.

So, understandably, one benefit of a shower head that filters water is that it can help protect your skin and hair from the compounds in treated water. In particular, a shower head filter can effectively reduce the amount of chlorine that is present in hard water.

Since, chlorine exposure can cause dryness and irritation to your skin, making it more prone to wrinkles and other signs of ageing, it's good to avoid too much of it whenever possible.

Another benefit of a filtered shower head is that it can reduce your exposure to contaminants that are typically found in tap water. Plus, it'll get rid of the smells that accompany such contaminants.

If you live in an area where the quality of running water is poor, using a filtered shower head can be a great way to protect yourself from harmful microorganisms. The filter in a shower head has the ability to trap bacteria and other microorganisms and allows only clean water to come in contact with you.

Impact on Your Bathroom and Its Fixtures

Treated water and hard water can also be damaging to your bathroom and its fixtures. Over time, the chemicals in the water can cause corrosion to your shower head, pipes, tiles, shower accessories, and metal fixtures.

Treated and hard water can lead to a buildup of limescale and mould in shower heads

Treated and hard water can lead to a buildup of limescale and mould in shower heads.

The build-up of limescale can also lead to clogged shower heads and pipes, resulting in a decrease in water pressure. The mineral buildup on your shower head, shower accessories, walls, and tiles will also be unpleasant to look at.

So, clearly, one more benefit of using a filtered shower head is that it can help you save money in the long run by preventing damage to your bathroom fixtures. By filtering out the harmful chemicals and minerals from your shower water, you can extend the lifespan of your shower head, taps, and pipes.

Indeed, there are shower filters for hard water that combat both the impurities in water and its hardness.

So the next time you take a shower, consider the benefits of installing a shower head that filters water. Instead of allowing the water to simply run over your body and then down the drain, a shower head filter will run it through a small filter before spraying it out. You will not only enjoy clearer and healthier skin and hair but also save money in the long run by avoiding expensive treatment and cleaning procedures!​

What's more, a filtered shower head is usually affordable and easy to install, making it an ideal choice for any homeowner looking to improve the quality of their shower water.

Get the Best Filtered Shower Head, Get StoneStream

If you want to enjoy these benefits for yourself, be sure to invest in a high-quality filtered shower head today. There are many different models available on the market, so do some research to find the one that is right for you. With regular use, a filtered shower head can help improve your overall health and well-being!

However, there are many shady brands that promise you efficiency but leave you with subpar products. This is why it's important to choose a reputed brand that is known for its high-quality shower products. So, which shower head filter is best? This is where StoneStream comes in!

StoneStream Shower Head with Mineral Stones Filtration

StoneStream Shower Head with Mineral Stones Filtration.

StoneStream is known for its innovation, quality, and cost-efficiency and is loved by customers worldwide. We truly do make some of the best shower filters out there!

Our EcoPower shower heads give you the option of two types of filters — mineral (germanium) stones or polypropylene mesh. Our filters clean your running water and protect your skin, hair, bathroom surfaces, and shower accessories from dirt, bacteria, mould, and limescale.

The three types of germanium stones — anion stones, ceramic energy stones, and tourmaline stones — significantly reduce the amount of chlorine, dirt, and bacteria in your shower water. Besides, these mineral stones also soften hard water, giving you the joy of being able to experience soft, spring-like water every time you shower. They only need to be replaced every six months (or after 8,000 gallons or 30,000 litres of water has been filtered) and thus are no hassle.

On the other hand, the fine polypropylene mesh physically traps impurities in water such as dirt, dust, mineral buildup, and foreign particles, giving you clean and purified water for your shower. You will only have to replace this filter every 6-8 months and you can easily purchase the replacement filters from our website.

Replacement Stones, Catridges and Filters

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With StoneStream shower heads, you have the option of choosing between a polypropylene mesh filter and a mineral stones filter

With StoneStream shower heads, you have the option of choosing between a polypropylene mesh filter and a mineral stones filter.

Additionally, our Universal Shower Water Filter with its 15-stage filtration process efficiently removes chlorine, dirt, bacteria, rust, sand, limescale, and heavy metals from running water.

We also have a Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) filter that not only purifies water but also maintains the pH of skin and hair. Moreover, the Vitamin C cartridge will enable you to enjoy a spa-like experience thanks to its soothing citrus aroma.

Backed by research, StoneStream’s water-saving and water softener shower heads ensure that you get nothing but the best quality water for your health. So, say goodbye to unfiltered water, hard water, and harmful impurities and hello to healthy skin, supple hair, and a neat and clean bathroom setup!

But wait, there’s more good news! Our shower heads provide up to a 212% increase in water flow velocity whilst saving water at the same time. It really doesn’t get better than this!

With us, you’re guaranteed to get the best filtered shower heads. To know more about StoneStream's range of high-performance shower heads, water filters, and shower accessories, head over to our website today.

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