7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Handheld Shower Head

7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Handheld Shower Head

Wondering why people like removable shower heads? Well, handheld shower heads are extremely convenient and have a number of benefits. Although most of us are used to seeing only fixed shower heads, handheld shower heads are quickly becoming popular not just for bathtubs but also for shower rooms. 

In this article, we'll dive into seven benefits of a handheld shower head, exploring how it has an advantage over a fixed shower head.

What Is A Handheld Shower Head?


A handheld shower head is a type of shower head that can be handheld, mounted on a wall, and/or mounted on a shower arm. When not held in the hand, it is usually placed in a bracket that is attached to the pipe. Handheld shower heads come with a hose which allows them to be movable, flexible, and adjustable.

Now, are you thinking “why do I need a shower head that I have to hold?” Well, let's look at the reasons why you should have a handheld shower head in your bathroom.

7 Benefits of A Handheld Shower Head


1. A handheld shower head cleans you better

A handheld shower head will allow you to clean yourself better as you will be able to reach all parts of you without any hassle. You can direct the stream of water to exactly the body part you want. Plus, you can avoid getting soap in your eyes; it's easy to get soap in your eyes when you're using a traditional shower head, but with a handheld shower head you can simply keep the soap suds at bay with ease. 

2. A handheld shower head makes shampooing and shaving easier


There are many benefits to using a handheld shower head, including the fact that it can make shampooing your hair much easier.

When you use a traditional shower head, you have to tilt your head back in order to get the water flowing through your hair. This can be uncomfortable and even lead to neck pain. With a handheld shower head, however, you can simply hold the shower head in your hand and direct the water flow right where you need it. This means that you can keep your head upright while shampooing, making the process much more comfortable. 

Now, anyone who has ever tried to shave their legs in the bathtub knows that it is all too easy to end up with nicks and cuts. The same is true for shaving under your arms or anywhere else on your body. One way to avoid this problem is to use a handheld shower head when shaving.

With a handheld shower head, you can position the water exactly where you need it, making it easier to avoid accidental cuts. In addition, the warm water and water pressure from a handheld shower head can help to soften the hair, making it easier to get a close shave. You also won't have to worry about cleaning up after yourself. 

3. Handheld shower heads with multiple spray settings give a massage-like experience 

Yes, you can get a massage while you shower! Most handheld shower heads come with different spray settings, so you can control the pressure and flow of water to suit your needs. A good massage can help relieve tension and stress, and it's just plain relaxing.

For example, the StoneStream EcoPower comes with 3 spray settings of rainfall, jetting, and massage.

4. Handheld shower heads are perfect for kids and pets

It's easier to wash your kids or pets with a handheld shower head. Kids and pets can be squirmy, so it's hard to get them clean with a traditional shower head. Plus, since they're short, the water from a wall-mounted shower head won't reach all parts of them!

With a handheld shower head, you can direct the water where you need it to go without having to chase your little ones or furry friends around. You can focus on cleaning them thoroughly and will have full control over the direction and motion of the water flow!

5. Handheld shower heads can help you save water

You can save water with a handheld shower head. A lot of handheld shower heads are more efficient than traditional shower heads, so you'll use less water overall and save money on your water and energy bill. 

For example, the StoneStream EcoPower shower head can reduce your water consumption by up to 35%. Additionally, when you are holding the shower head, you will be more aware of how much water you are using and thus you will end up using less water.

6. Handheld shower heads are very helpful for the disabled and the elderly 

For many of us, showers are an essential part of our daily routine. However, for those with mobility issues, disabilities, or advanced age, showers can be a real challenge.

Traditional showerheads can be difficult to reach and require a certain amount of dexterity to operate. Handheld showerheads offer a much more user-friendly option, as they can be easily moved around the body and require less coordination to use. This is especially important for those who may be unsteady on their feet, have difficulty standing for long periods of time, or are using a shower chair.

Additionally, handheld showerheads often come with a variety of spray settings so that users can customize the shower to their needs. For instance, some models include a massage setting that can help to relieve pain or tension. All of these factors make handheld showerheads an ideal choice; they make the bathroom more accessible and user-friendly for disabled people and the elderly. 

7. You can use a handheld shower head as a bidet 

If you don't have a bidet, a handheld shower head can be used for the same purpose. Yep, you can turn your handheld shower head into a bidet! Just aim it at your nether regions after you do your business and you'll be nice and clean in no time. Of course, this works best when your shower head is close to your toilet seat.

If you don't want to use the handheld shower head as a bidet, you can use it to clean localized parts of your body, such as your feet after walking in the grass outside. 

In short, handheld shower heads are convenient because they can be used for bathing, washing hair, and rinsing off efficiently. They offer more flexibility than fixed shower heads and are perfect for pets, kids, and people who have limited mobility. 

The best part is that handheld showers can work both when mounted and when in your hand! So you really do get the best of both worlds. 

Enjoy Handheld Showers with the StoneStream EcoPower

The StoneStream EcoPower is a top-quality, durable, and eco-friendly handheld shower head that will save you money on your water bill without sacrificing performance. It comes with 3 different spray settings, so you can customize your shower experience to suit your needs. It's also easy to install and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Wondering what else makes the StoneStream EcoPower worth your money? It increases water flow velocity by 200% while decreasing water consumption by 35%! It also contains mineral beads that soften and filter water, making it healthy for your skin and hair. Plus, it's gentle enough for babies, pets, and the elderly.

Not interested in handheld shower heads? You can go for the classic wall-mounted shower head and still enjoy the benefits of the EcoPower. Want to try the handheld model but also want the wall-mounted one just in case? Try the EcoPower handheld + wall-mounted shower head combo. 

StoneStream also has shower accessories like non-slip shower mats, hoses, brackets, replacement filters, and squeegee that will make your bathroom safe, hygienic, and highly efficient.

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