5 Tips to Keep Your Shower Heads Shiny and Efficient

5 Tips to Keep Your Shower Heads Shiny and Efficient

Let’s face it - your shower head doesn’t have an easy job. It's constantly bombarded with water, soap, and the occasional off-key shower singing. It’s an unsung hero of your daily routine, delivering you with a sensation like never before, and all it deserves is some maintenance, right? So, why not give your showerhead a scrubbing and make it shine like a superstar?

Well, guess what folks! We are gonna do exactly that. Your showerhead deserves its own cleaning just like any other device you use. Starting from regular cleaning to proper filtration, let’s dive into 5 tips to keep your showerheads shiny and efficient as always. We promise it won't require you to become a plumbing expert or sing "Rub-a-dub-dub" in the shower (unless you want to). So, put on your shower cap, and let's get started on this watery adventure!

Soak your showerhead in vinegar

Soak showerhead in vinegar

Clogged showerhead? Smelly showerhead? Then it's time to soak your showerhead in……yeah you guessed it - vinegar. Vinegar is the secret sauce for battling the villainous mineral deposits that clog your shower head's nozzles. Wondering how to use vinegar for cleaning your showerhead? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Grab a plastic bag of any size - Size doesn’t matter ;).
  • Fill it with equal parts white vinegar and water. 
  • Gently tie the bag around your shower head, ensuring the nozzles are submerged in the vinegar mix.
  • Let it soak for a few hours, or better yet, overnight. Give your shower head a spa day!
  • In the morning, remove the bag, and using an old toothbrush, give it a loving scrub.
  • Turn on the water to wash away all the mineral buildup – voila!

Repeat this every few months to keep your shower head squeaky clean.

Find the right showerhead

Right showerhead

Every relationship requires the right partner, and you deserve the right showerhead! No, we're not suggesting you swipe right on your showerhead, but you should definitely swipe right on the right showerhead. When it comes to maintaining efficiency, choosing the right model can make all the difference. That’s where the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream comes into play! The EcoPower showerhead is guaranteed to give you the attention and love you deserve in your daily shower routine. The mineral beads soften hard water and prevent minerals from building up and clogging your spray holes. The EcoPower showerhead is perfectly compatible with any type of shower system and has increased water pressure to give you that perfect shower without burning a hole in your pocket. It's like finding the perfect partner – efficient and low-maintenance.

Check out this article which states the benefits of a stonestream showerhead over a regular showerhead.

Give it a Daily Wiggle

Shower daily wigle

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle! Shake that body of yours in the shower and just have fun. Be sure to include your showerhead as well, like cmon, it really deserves some fun at moments, right? No, we're not suggesting a full-blown dance routine in the shower (unless you're into that). But a little wiggle goes a long way in maintaining your shower head's efficiency. Here's the deal, Every time you shower, take a moment to give your shower head a gentle shake or wiggle. This dislodges any loose debris and helps prevent buildup in the first place. It's like a little daily workout for your shower head. A quick shimmy and it's good to go!

Be careful of Hard water

Hard vs Soft water

Water is such an important resource for everyone and everything, this includes your showerhead as well! Your showerhead deserves the right kind of hydration of water flow to function perfectly. If you live in an area with hard water, consider installing a water softener. Softened water contains fewer minerals, which means less buildup on your shower head. It's like sending your shower head to a mineral-free spa. 

Luckily, Stonestream’s showerheads, like the EcoPower showerhead, come with a mineral beads filtration system that softens hard water and releases chemical-free, soft water for your guilt-free showers. Or you can get a universal hard water shower filter that is universally compatible with any shower system and filters all that gunk for you!

Chrome Hard Water shower filter Add-on

Chrome Hard Water shower filter

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Check out this article which shows the harmful effects of hard water in your shower, which you definitely shouldn’t have!

Regularly maintain your showerhead and other accessories

Remember, your showerhead isn't the only one in the family. Regularly extend your cleaning routine to other faucets and fixtures in your bathroom. Your bathroom is a team, and each member deserves some attention to maintain a harmonious and efficient environment - just like how the EcoPower showerhead teams up with our other range of products, which you can check out right here

For more information regarding cleaning your showerhead, check out this article!

Now you know how to keep your showerheads clean and maintain their shine and efficiency! By following these simple steps, you are giving your showerhead the treatment it deserves, and treating yourself with efficient showers in the coming days. Remember, a shower routine is not complete without keeping the bathroom clean, and cleaning the showerhead is one of the important devices in the bathroom. With a little love, some vinegar, and a daily wiggle, you can keep your shower head performing at its best. So, go ahead and pamper your trusty water-spouting friend – it's time to make your daily shower a superstar experience!

Introducing the EcoPower showerhead!

EcoPower Showerhead

Looking at your monthly balance and worried about the costs of replacing a showerhead? Well, let us save you the trouble with the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream! Compared to the rest, the EcoPower doesn’t affect your wallet at all. Going for only £19.99 (Grab one right now!), this showerhead comes with top-of-the-class filtration systems that don’t allow any breakage or damage within the spray holes. Not only does it prevent unwanted clogs, but it also saves you from excess water bills due to its high water flow velocity design! The EcoPower showerhead also comes with other features such as:

  • 250 laser-cut spray holes that force less water with high velocity, thereby saving water consumption and providing up to 200% increased water flow velocity!
  • 3 shower options - jetting, rainfall, and massage - for the flexible shower experience you’ve always wanted!
  • A new mixture of Germanium stones that soften hard water and is scientifically tested to reduce chlorine, bacteria, and dirt
  • A STOP button to control or stop water flow and temperature without turning off the valve! (Check out the importance of a showerhead with a STOP button here!)

Original Ecopower Shower head

Original Ecopower Shower head

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Order one now and enjoy the shower experience you deserve! Happy showering! 

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